If you're familiar, or a fan, of PRS Guitars and are aware of their extreme levels of attention to detail and quality then the chances are you'll want to know about Taylor Guitars. Taylor Guitars were founded in 1974 by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug and since have become one of the biggest acoustic guitar brands in the guitar industry - and for good reason. Much like PRS guitars, Taylor have spent all their time refining their designs and improving both the aesthetics and sound of their guitars. In addition, they're had to work hard to establish their name in the industry, hence their attention to detail, as they're a relatively new guitar brand and so don't have the luxury of the appeal of brand history (like brands such as Gibson, Fender and Martin).

Taylor Guitars have established a large range of guitars - sorted by numbered series' i.e. The 100 series, etc. This allows Taylor to be appealing to large amount of people as their prices are competitive and the guitars are of a great quality. Some of these guitars, also, come fitted with their Expression System 2 (ES-2) which is a pickup system they're refined and perfected. Taylor's not only look the part but they also sound the part.

It's well worth taking the time to look into this brand and discovering the Taylor that best suits you as a player.

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