Vigier goes back to the future with Passion!

Vigier, pioneers of carbon fibre, has gone back to their roots with just five hand-crafted Passion I guitars. The bodies, which date back to 1983, have been completed with all modern electronics, special hand-wound Amber pickups and modern finishing touches for these extremely rare, one of a kind, neck-thru Vigier guitars.

These are the very last bodies from this glorious period in Vigier's rich history and have been naturally drying, in the Vigier factory, since 1983. Picked out after a factory visit from UK manager, Ben Whatsley, who then subsequently discussed bringing these Passion I's 'back to life' with master luthier, Patrice Vigier.

Patrice and his small, but highly skilled team of luthiers, spent considerable time and effort to ensure the Passion I's were completed in meticulous detail, getting them just right, with all the advances that Vigier has made over the years.

A few lucky players will get to own these extremely rare Passion I's, that are now a living part of Vigier's history-meets present.

Full Specs:
  • Neck-thru construction (body completed and dried naturally since 1983)
  • Phenowood fingerboard
  • 22 Frets w/Zero Fret
  • Proprietary fixed bridge w/fine tuners
  • Amber hand-wound pickups
  • Volume/Tone
  • 3 position pickup switch
  • 2 position single coil/humbucker switch
25th Jul 2018

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