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New 2016 Taylor 326e Baritone-8 Limited Edition

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Eagle-eyed Taylor Guitar fans will have noticed the launch of the new Taylor 326e Baritone-8 LTD and, for those who are interested, we’re glad to announce that we now have one of these beauties in stock.

The 326e Baritone-8 is a limited edition run of 8 sting, baritone acoustics for 2016. It comes as part of the 300 series and is therefore built from blackwood back and sides with a tropical mahogany top. What makes this guitar special is the fact that it has eight strings, as opposed to six or twelve, and is tuned down to B standard tuning (hence the name ‘Baritone’). This sets the 326e apart from any other guitar in the Taylor range. The extra two stings produces a tone which sits between a regular six string but with ‘a splash of 12-string shimmer’ as Taylor put it. The low tuning provides a rich, earthy tone without any low-end muddiness and the use of the 300 series tone woods ‘yields a smooth balance of power, articulation, and sustain.’ The guitar, also, comes fully equipped with the ES-2 pickup system to make performing live much easier for those who need it.

The guitar features in a medium brown stain with a shaded edge burst top –all in satin- in the Grand Symphony body shape (as a none cutaway) which provides a ‘deeper bass, thicker trebles, and increased volume and low-end sustain, all without disrupting the tonal balance and clarity of the guitar’. Lastly, the guitar comes with a brown Taylor Deluxe hardshell case and is a steal at only £1,627. For anyone who wants a rich sounding, modest looking, eight string acoustic at a great price, or just something a bit extraordinary, then the 326e Baritone-8 LTD is the guitar for you.

Find out more info on the Taylor Guitar website