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PRS SE Mark Holcomb Signature - New!


The New 2016 PRS SE Mark Holcomb

For any PRS Guitars fanatics, or now Mark Holcomb fans, these are exciting times. If you have been eagerly watching PRS Guitars recently you’ll have been enthused by the newly released PRS McCarty 594 (the core production version of the beloved private stock of the month for February, but without the private stock price tag). Well, any fans of Mark Holcomb – guitarist for the metal band Periphery – will be pleased to see the announcement and unveiling of the 2016 PRS SE Mark Holcomb signature guitar. This SE is based entirely on last years limited run of core line signature model of which only a limited number were made. This new SE signature, then, is a good time for Periphery fans, or rock/metal players alike, to get their hands on a beautiful – yet affordable – PRS guitar.

The SE signature comes with all the SE traits that PRS admirers have come to love about the SE models. As expected with all PRS guitars across the board, the quality of these instruments (no matter the price tag) is always impeccable. In addition, like all the SE models, the SE Holcomb comes with a bevelled top. Furthermore, one of the most appealing features of this SE is it comes loaded with Holcomb’s signature Seymour Duncan “Alpha” and “Omega” pickups. The bridge pickup, according to the Seymour Duncan blog, has a “..destructive percussion and growl in the mids and low end. It’s aggressive but it also has lots of clarity and brightness..”. As for the neck pickup, it’s said to have a more tradition tone “with some of that fat glassy sound but also plenty of your pick attack and fretting-hand phrasing.”. I think one of these pickups’ more endearing qualities is their ability to be so defined even at high levels of gain; not becoming muddy.

Moving to the rest of the guitar, to keep up with PRS’s reputation for producing some of the most beautiful instruments in the industry the SE Holcomb comes with a quilted maple veneer in a gorgeous finish known as “Holcomb Burst” (a tradition charcoal burst with a hint of pinky red). The SE Holcomb also sports an all mahogany body with a 3-piece maple neck in a satin finish. It has 24 frets and has a 25.5 inch scale length to keep the strings at tension at the tuning that comes as standard (this is a D standard tuning that’s been drop C-ed: C, G, C, F, A, D). The fretboard is made from ebony and has a white binding (much like the SE Bernie Marsden signature). As with nearly all PRS guitars, the fretboard includes the iconic bird inlays. Keeping on the topic of neck features, the neck shape with this model is the wide thin style.

Lastly, moving to the hardware and controls, the SE Holcomb comes with the same controls as the SE Custom 24 – volume, push-pull tone control and a 3-way blade pickup switch – which is amazingly versatile once you’ve had a little time to get to grips with all the different possibilities. The hardware comes in a black chrome finish which looks very aesthetically pleasing in combination with the “Holcomb burst”. Finally, the guitar comes fitted with the PRS designed tuners and plate style bridge for adequate string stability.

In conclusion, the SE Holcomb is a welcomed edition to the SE range which both looks and sounds beautiful without sacrificing affordability. This guitar features many things that make it stand out from the SE range, such as the Seymour Duncan pickups, that make it a guitar worth having a good look at and even a try if you come across one. We, at Wildwire Guitars, should be getting some in stock very soon and will be selling them at the price of just £799!!

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