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Taylor 700 Series - New for 2016


Taylor have recently unveiled their ‘Rosewood Reboot’ for their 700 series acoustics which includes tonal and aesthetic makeovers. The first of these tonal enhancements is the new lutz spruce top – a naturally occurring hybrid of sitka and white spruce. This change in top material yields a ‘strong volume, projection and tonal richness’. The second change to the 700 series is the new performance bracing that harks back to the classic X-bracing design but is able to be customised to suit the guitars shape and needs. In this case it results in a louder, more powerful tone.

Aesthetically, six changes have been made to the appearance of the 700 series. The first of these is the optional western sunburst top which boasts a new colour blend featuring ‘ a smooth honey-brown’ which is said to nicely compliment the rosewood back and sides that the 700 series is renowned and loved for. The second enhancement is the Douglas Fir rosette (a three ring design trim accented with maple/black trim) around the sound hole. In addition, the fretboard inlays have been changed to the “Reflections” style, the binding has been changed to Hawaiian Koa, the Douglas Fir top edge trim has been added and, lastly, the design changes are finished with a weathered brown pickguard.

In summary, the tonal changes made make this a much more powerful, loud – but articulated – sounding acoustic. This combined with the multitude of aesthetic changes make for a beautiful sounding, playing and looking acoustic guitar that goes well above and beyond expectations rather than being built simply to fit a price point. These guitars are built to last with some of the best build quality and attention to detail of any of the current guitar manufacturers.