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Taylor Guitars Roadshow Rundown

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For those who are unaware or were unable to attend, the Taylor Guitars Roadshow is an annual event that we were very excited to be a part of this year. The event was held at our store on the 20th April at 7pm and we managed to achieve a staggering turnout of around fifty to sixty people who were as eager as we were to watch the expert demonstrators sent by Taylor present the series of gorgeous guitars they offer.

The evening started off with the guys from Taylor (Ron and Paul) moving through the different body shapes and tone woods used and how they differ in both sound and playability. Paul talked about the creation process of each of the body shapes and how they’ve evolved; explaining why the body shapes produce different sounds and the science behind it. Furthermore, Paul was even specific enough to explain why having a cutaway doesn’t change the tonality of the guitars by a large amount – if at all- and was kind enough to answer all the questions and queries brought up by those attending. In addition, we were informed about the new ES-2 pickup system and how it differs from the previous model in depth. The event, also, took us through a rundown of many of Taylor’s new or improved models, including:

Ron, on the other hand, was put in charge of the playing the guitars and did an excellent job of demonstrating the playability and sounds produced by the various different acoustics (using a multitude of different playing techniques to cover all bases) as well as adding a little bit of an exciting and entertaining atmosphere through his wacky personality.

After a short break for some delicious sandwiches and other refreshments, we were then treated by Ron ending the night with him perfectly playing the T5z, through his Line 6 Helix, along with a Pink Floyd backing track which both demonstrated his amazing playing ability, but more importantly the incredible tones and flexibility of the T5z. Lastly, the night ended with a prize draw in which attendees were in with the chance of winning a free gift (including some Taylor t-shirts, coasters, plectrums, limited edition stickers and a choice between two types of Elixir strings).

Paul and Ron’s professional, informative presentation and use of amusing stories throughout made for both an entertaining and enlightening evening.